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Our Features

Here are some of the things FEITS HRMS can do for you...

One Dashboard All Insights

Get a complete overview of all the HR actions in our distinctive dashboard. This is designed to make your life even easier. You can not only view the results of all HR activities but also access the data by simply clicking on them.

Employee Database

We understand how important employee database is to you and hence we have created a very secured database. You can easily view all the employees or you can also search for a particular employee by name or identification number. You can also view complete details of each employee including his or her personal data, educational information, work experience, training history, salary and many more.


Payroll is a very crucial feature for your HR and we take pride in saying we have made one of the finest automated payroll system. Authorized personnel can easily make changes to salary structure. Increment in salary or bonuses can be made effective within seconds. Now, advance salary taken by employees can be easily tracked. Salary sheet of a month can be printed with literally one click!

Attendance Management

You can easily update daily attendance by importing data from your RFID software. FEITS HRMS allows you to see attendance report of all employees. With the manual attendance feature authorized personnel can edit attendance of an individual in case of any undesired circumstance, with just one click you can send notice to all employees who are absent consecutively for 10, 18 or 28 days.

Leave management

Employees with access to the software can apply for leave using the software. Workers can ask designated operator to assign leave. Designated personnel can approve or reject the applications. Our software is designed to show only the employees who are eligible for maternity leave and earned leave. Earned leave will be automatically calculated by our software.

Training Management

To keep up with the everchanging human resource environment, many companies offer on and off the job training to their employees. We kept that in mind, and came up with the training module where you can add any kind of training and assign them to any employees regardless of their designation, departments, units etc. It also allows to evaluate the performance of the employees in the training.

Meeting Scheduling

Meeting are important and common in the workplace. One problem we all face with meetings is clashes. With Feits HRMS say goodbye to clashes as it allows you to schedule meetings at a convenient time.

Expense Tracking

In an organization it is really hard to keep track day to day HRMS expenses which eventually cost a lot from the company in the long run. So, to keep track of those we introduced expense module in our software where you can add the category of expenses from which you can analyze the cost you are incurring from your daily HR activities.


We understand how much effort managers put to make the right decisions for the company. There is no alternative to having some statistical insight on HR activities backing up the decisions. Feits HRMS will save your time and energy by auto-generating statistical insights on some of the key components of HR.

Easy Report Generation

We designed this module from which you can generate any kind of report regarding your HR activity. Be it employee performance report, payroll, attendance report, leave report, training and recruitment all can be generated in a printed from this module. This is especially made for you to save your valuable time and effort.

Recruitment Management

Managing job applications seems extra burden? Leave the stress to Feits HRMS as it includes easy vacancy posting and application tracking. Now evaluate and find the right employee faster making your life a lot easier.

Notification through SMS

Sudden change in plan? Need to notify all employee right away? FEITS HRMS allows you to send bulk SMS to all employee or employees of a specific designation, department, unit, etc. This life saver feature can also be used to automatically notify employees who are absent for days with just 1 click.

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